Sunday, 27 November 2011

Animals that live in solitude

  • Some animals prefer to live in solitude.
  • Examples of solitary animals include tigers, leopards, giant pandas, eagles, polar bears, pangolins, woodpeckers, porcupines, spiders and foxes.
  • These animals live alone most of their time except during the mating seasons.
  • Examples of animals that live in solitude                                      
  • The reasons animals live in solitude are:
       i) To avoid competition for food
          Some animals need to stay alone to avoid sharing the same 
          food resources. For example, a giant panda needs to eat a lot 
          of bamboo shoots at one time. Therefore, this animals needs 
          to live alone to avoid competition for limited food.
      ii) To avoid competition for space (territory) and mate
          Some animals need a larger area for finding a mate or hunting 
          for food. They lead a solitary life in order to avoid 
          competition for space and mate. These animals will guard 
          their territory from other animals.


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    I would like to know what u think of the matter

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